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Top Banana Burlesque

Welcome to Top Banana Burlesque

Where top experts peel it off for you!

What is Top Banana?

My mission is to connect burlesque lovers, newcomers and even seasoned performers to the top bananas - so you can learn from the best, and who knows, even discover a side of your burlesque career and persona you'd like to develop and didn't even know! 

Through our recorded classes brought to you by the experts themselves you'll get a chance to get to know them better and listen to their advice tailored to you. In my personal experience, being able to be coached by different experts until I found "my jam", and then connecting to those who could mentor me exactly on where I needed was crucial to make my career take off.

So, here's the membership I'm in love with. With you, I get to learn, I get to discover, try, entice my own curiosity and try new things that may speak to me. Tricks I may want to use on my routines. Hints for backstage I may want to add to my pre-show rituals. Lines and information I may want to add to my bio to make it more special. Together we grow!

Why You Should Join Me

We're bananas for burlesque! 

Not only will you get completely free access to Freemium courses ("What to wear for burlesque", "A bit of burlesque history" and so on) you'll become part of an ever-growing community of burlesque lovers, where you can share your passion, ask your questions and just be yourself. Come have a look!

A Big Thanks

This is my dream membership, my dream network. I believe technology is here to make our lives better, and as someone who grew up in lack of the people and things I loved, my mission and passion is to connect and offer an abundant world of goodies to you. By just being here bringing your beautiful energy you show me my work is valued and by being a Premium member or just getting our paid courses you are helping me to support the dream and giving me the opportunity to go after the experts we love to connect with them and get their expertise to us. Thank YOU!

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